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Yamaha Personal Transportation Vehicles make the perfect addition to your family. The Fuel Injected gas model provides choke-less starts, reduced emissions and exceptional gas mileage while the electric version gives you an 19 mph performance (with optional speed kit) thus making them the ideal vehicle for transporting guests, hauling the family or running the occasional errand.

Add a radio and speakers, floor mats, a rear facing seat or any other number of Genuine Yamaha Accessories and equip your Personal Transportation Vehicle for just the way you use it.

yamaha the drive southwest ag yamaha drive PTV southwest ag
The DRIVE golf car is plain and simple fun to drive. In fact, its technology (and its spirit) has more in common with Yamaha motorcycles, ATV’s and performance watercraft than with ordinary golf cars. Whether you’re hauling kids, hauling packages, hauling groceries or hauling your buddies to the club for a quick nine before dinner, we’re sure The DRIVE will work extraordinarily well for whatever it is you need to do.
As good as The DRIVE is on the golf course why should we limit its use to just there? That’s why we set out to design accessories that turn The DRIVE into a special-purpose vehicle customized just the way you want it. So whether you choose gas or electric you’re sure to have the only golf car-based vehicle in the neighborhood that makes running errands so much fun.
Used. Pre-owned. Previously enjoyed.
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