Compact Excavator


All TOMCAR models are designed to boast an unmatched combination of high ground clearance, low center of gravity, over 100% payload, extra long suspension travel and wrapped in a one piece welded, armored, “cocoon” frame.

Each vehicle has modular power plants of gas, diesel, electric or hybrid making this an engineering masterpiece.


Born on the Battlefield to Building the Future

It all began with a top-secret mission in 1967. A specialized unit of airborne commandos was dropped behind enemy lines, only to see all six Jeeps they were to use, destroyed upon landing. Miraculously, the unit’s commander was able to construct two working vehicles from the wreckage, allowing the commandos to successfully complete their mission.

Years later, the commander used that experience and same resourceful thinking to create the first TOMCAR. This ultra-durable, highly functional, off-road vehicle has always been the strongest in its class and is built to last. For the past 3 decades, TOMCAR has provided this incredible reliability to military, commercial and consumer markets across the globe.