Kubota Construction Equipment

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Southwest Ag carries a Full Line up of Kubota Construction Equipment.

KX Series 1-8 Ton SVL Series 2300-3010 ROC
Kubota KX Series excavator Kubota SVL Series skidsteer
Full Line Kubota K/KX-Series Excavators.
K008, KX018, KX71, KX91, KX121,
KX040, KX057 & KX080
The Kubota KX Series Excavator delivers an impressive bucket digging force. It’s powerful and well balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.
Full Line Kubota SVL “Skidsteer”.
SVL75 & SVL90
With Best-In-Class Engine Horsepower the Kubota SVL series compact track loader can handle a variety of jobs. Kubota’s unique vertical lift is designed to deliver an exceptionally long reach and is optimally shaped for a tall hinge pin for easy dumping.
U Series 1.5-5 Ton TLB Series 43-135HP
kubota U Series excavator kubota TLB Series tractor loader backhoe Construction equipment
Full Line Kubota U-Series Excavator.
U17, U25, U35 & U55
Tough Job got you in a corner? Put a U-Series to work on it. Zero-tail swing keeps the tail within the width of the tracks, so you can turn the house throughout its 360 degree turning radius without worrying about what is to the side or behind you. Zero Tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and fast operation, making the Kubota U-Series ideal for jobs in congested areas.
Full Line Kubota Wheel Loaders.
R630, R530, R520 & R120
For loader, backhoe, and other applications, nothing beats the Kubot Loader/Landscaper Series tractors. Both tractor/loader and tractor/loader/backhoe merge power, compact or power utility size, and versatility to offer incredible performance when trenching, landscaping, material handling, and more.
R Series Wheel Loaders
kubota R series wheel loader Construction equipment
Full Line Kubota TLB (Tractor – Loader – Backhoe)
B26, BX25, L39, L45 & M59
With a load sensing transmission and limited slip differential the Kubota R Series 4 wheel drive Compact Wheel Loader is powerful and dependable.

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